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love being in very high heels. Or barefoot. Beauty and elegance are my best friends. Foulards, high fashion jewellery, old-fashioned bags, ancient Persian rugs and precious silks. I say no to good food rarely, especially if local. Or exotic. I love going to the sea every month of the year. In summer I go swimming. I love listening to my thoughts while I am looking at the nature; alternatively, I go canoeing in search of new unspoilt beaches. In winter I plunge into cold water, sometimes for a long time, gaining ideas and valuable knowledge. And this is not all. I like fashionable society and privacy, formality and informality. Above all, I am an art lover. I was born with an appreciation for all forms of art, especially music and opera, which I have been studying for long time.

I have always been looking for the perfect balance of the harmony with the beauty, the very simple with the very complex, the luxury with the elegance. I am an idealist, a romantic and a dreamer. My qualities? Well, I would say my sensitivity, my passion for life and for what I believe in, my cheerfulness and sunny disposition! All this has led me to be the person I am today: first of all Rossella, then a wedding and event planner. I believe every important moment of our life deserves to be celebrated in order not to be forgotten. Therefore, as an artisan, I create a work of art of the couple's love dreams, turning them into "luxury emotions"!

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