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Rossella Celebrini Portfolio Valentina and Gianni, get married in the island of Elba

Valentina and Gianni
A Wedding Celebration Staged in the Ancient Wash Houses of Rio nell'Elba
by Rossella Celebrini, Elbaper2 Magazine 2015

There are places that are just simply charming! Always! It had been many years since I had stood in the doorway of the "Public Wash Houses" of Rio nell'Elba, and when I did, I could hear distinctively the sound of water spouting from its 16th century brass mouths. So, I closed my eyes, like I did when I was a little girl when my grandmother Filomena told me the stories of so many women whose life represents the "historic memory" of this place, which used to be the symbol of socialization.
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Diletta and her sisters

Diletta and Alex
Monet Water Lilies Themed Alex and Diletta's wedding in the romantic frame of Elba Island
by Rossella Celebrini, Elbaper2 Magazine 2015

When I meet a couple for the first time, after the first approach that helps us to get to know one another, I explain the dynamics of organizing a wedding and the precious role of the wedding planner. As soon as we are "fine tuned", I invite the couple to reflect on their idea for their wedding by asking: is there a common theme? Why don't you think about what you have in common and transform it into a leit motif as in a symphony for piano and orchestra? Their response is not always immediate. Sometimes, the future bride and groom already have an idea that they have worked out together...
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Serena and Franco get married in the island of Elba

Serena and Franco
Let me tell you the tale of a wedding...
A sea of love in Serena e Franco Maria's wedding
by Rossella Celebrini, Elbaper2 Magazine 2014

Serena and Franco are a young couple who chose to marry in the island of Elba. They got married on 11th May, 2013, in the heart of the town of Portoferraio, and their wedding location was De Laugier former barracks, today a nice cultural center.
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Chiara and Angelo get married in the island of Elba

Chiara and Angelo
A glamorous wedding in the heart of Marciana Marina
On the wake of the colors and the shimmering lights of the sea
by Rossella Celebrini, Elbaper2 Magazine 2014

Have you ever wondered what is so special about the Elba Island that attracts couples from all over the world to solemnize their vows? All you have to do is let your eyes wander over the landscape in front of you to understand. What you see is a unique scenario; never the same. It is "alive" with hidden villages, pleasant seascapes, expanses of countryside, olive trees and vineyards, fields of poppies, fortresses, beaches and rocky shores where the sea pushes off into the horizon, a compelling theater of irresistible sunsets and much more...
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Valeria and Filippo get married in the island of Elba

Valeria and Filippo
Let me tell you the tale of a wedding...
Grape Vines woven with Sweet Notes framed by the 19th century La Chiusa Estate
by Rossella Celebrini, Elbaper2 Magazine 2014

When I first saw Valeria wearing that white wedding gown, my imagination started galloping like an unbridled horse. Her beautiful black hair gently unfurled over a preciously embroidered satin corset fitted to her waist where a full gown started, the type that was in vogue in the mid-nineteen hundreds, with crinolines and lace, and draping, and ruches and plissés...
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Sofia and Filippo get married in the island of Elba

Sofia and Filippo
Let me tell you the tale of a wedding...
A Midsummer Night's Dream marvelously framed by Elba Island and its magical natural settings and signs of history
by Rossella Celebrini, Elbaper2 Magazine 2013

When I met Sofia and Filippo, it was "love at first sight". She, a refined and elegant woman From Napoli, a mathematician with a strong artistic flare. He, an engineer with a deep-rooted Florentine soul, with a passion for the sea and scuba diving. A beautiful couple, fun and lighthearted, who share a common enthusiasm for travel. They live in Florence with a feisty but lovable champagne-colored Labrador named Teo, who has escorted us throughout this marvelous voyage since the very beginning: the planning of their wedding on Elba...
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