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Grape Vines woven with Sweet Notes framed by the 19th century La Chiusa Estate

When I first saw Valeria wearing that white wedding gown, my imagination started galloping like an unbridled horse. Her beautiful black hair gently unfurled over a preciously embroidered satin corset fitted to her waist where a full gown started, the type that was in vogue in the mid-nineteen hundreds, with crinolines and lace, and draping, and ruches and plissés. I immediately imagined a voyage back in time to the period of Sturm und drang (literally 'Storm and Drive', the German cultural movement that gave life to great masterpieces of literature, music and art ).

When our gaze met, Valeria looked to me like a heroin of Romanticism and without uttering a single word, we began sketching out the theme for her wedding with Filippo. I was engrossed in composing the melody, while Valeria intoned one of her favorite arias, Je veux vivre, from Romeo and Juliet by Charles Gounoud. Inspiration was growing ever more vivid and clear to me, nurturing the style of their wedding day that, as if it were seen in a crystal ball, was taking shape in my imagination.

All we had to do at that point was to involve Filippo, today her husband, whose helping hand would complete the design, fine-tuning each and every detail of the event. Valeria and Filippo are truly the embodiment of the romantic couple; you sense their love from far away. Her sweet features are ardent with love for opera; he is fervent with his authentic and genuine character and his profound love for the countryside, where he produces excellent wine and where, together, they live their passion for one another each day. It was only natural then that the idea of intertwining Wine with Music came to my mind as the perfect theme for their wedding day. The music and the staff, on which the notes and symbols tumble one after the other, were the undisputed protagonists of the day. From the cones filled with rice, to the wedding tokens of sugary Jordan almonds, the wedding cake that recalled a musical score, its frosting blending in a soprano's aria finished with sugared roses, and the tableau de mariage made with old piano scores and table names inspired by famous 19th century operas arias.

The garnet color of the wine shone against the white of the fabrics, ribbons, candles and roses that decorated the mid-17th century church of San Gregorio Maggiore in Porto Azzurro (built when the Elba was under Spanish rule), as well as at the reception venue; from the cocktail and buffet tables, to the table linens and sugary Jordan almonds. The most important thing was the location for the reception. I had to pinpoint a setting that would be the perfect stage for their love dream. It had to be a place that would ideally embody their reciprocal passion, so that the memory was set, as if on film in a movie of days gone by. I immediately thought of a dreamy itinerary through a magical and lavish landscape, where the fascination of history and the colors of nature abound. Forty acres of land, teeming silently since time immemorial with regular rows of vineyards and olive groves, their perfumes blending with the scents of pristine nature enclosed in the ancient walls of the 18th century La Chiusa Estate. Overlooking the Gulf of Portoferraio, a corner of paradise is created by the meeting of an old farmhouse, a noble chapel, an ancient garden, the villa with double staircase and an ancient cellar that still preserve the evocative atmosphere of the fairytale landscape surrounding it. Here, Valeria and Filippo crowned their love dream in a scenario that took them far back in time, to an epoch of sumptuous aristocratic parties and gala dinners, of ladies strolling with little umbrellas to protect them from the rays of the sun and of gentlemen, dressed in morning suits and top hats, brandishing walking sticks.

Caserma de Laugier, Portoferraio
Valeria and Filippo
Valeria and Filippo Newlyweds Valeria and Filippo Newlyweds
Valeria and Filippo celebrate with wine
Wedding decoration detail Wedding decoration detail
Valeria and Filippo wedding reception
Wedding decoration detail Wedding decoration detail
Valeria and Filippo Newlyweds

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