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A Midsummer Night's Dream marvelously framed by Elba Island and its magical natural settings and signs of history

When I met Sofia and Filippo, it was 'love at first sight'. She, a refined and elegant Neapolitan woman, a mathematician with a strong artistic flare. He, an engineer with a deep-rooted Florentine soul, with a passion for the sea and scuba diving. A beautiful couple, fun and lighthearted, who share a common enthusiasm for travel. They live in Florence with a feisty but lovable champagne-colored Labrador named Teo, who has escorted us throughout this marvelous voyage since the very beginning: the planning of their wedding on Elba.

They are both crazy about their 'big little dog' and the Island, where they often spend weekends and relaxing summer vacations in close contact with nature. The venue they chose to crown the dream of their life was their summer home, overlooking green lawns and a stretch of sea, where the bewitching Sansone shore is located, one of the most suggestive beaches along the coastline leading from Portoferrario to Enfola. The church and the date were chosen by Filippo: the church was the Chiesa della Misericordia in Portoferraio, soaring at the top of the historical Salita Napoleone pink stone staircase; the day was 16 June 2012, Sofia's birthday. This was our starting point and, together, we gave shape and life to a dream that, like in a fairytale, became reality. For their wedding, I came up with a concept design that would perfectly reflect what Sofia and Filippo desired and that would pay homage to their love and the breathtaking beauty of the Island.

The richly decorated Baroque church inspired the choice of white flowers, like hydrangeas and roses, highlighted by a long, bright red carpet. The kneeling stool, the two stools for the bride and the groom and the chairs for best man and maid of honor, and the cushion for the wedding rings were all enriched with precious silk and satin. The balustrades near the altar were a jubilee of flowers, fabric and plays on forms. If such loving care and attention to detail was devoted to the décor of the church, likewise the 'Giardino di Sansone' was majestically prepared. A large marquee welcomed guests and the pink of napkins, cushions, sofas and petunias falling from large terracotta vases softly interrupted the sophisticated white flowers and tablecloths; creating an impressive stage against the background of a perfect green lawn, protected by a century-old cypress. At sunset, just like in a fairytale, a thousand lanterns and luminous cubes were lit magically all around. The table where the traditional Jordan almonds were offered to guests was decorated in the same style, its colors reflected on mirrors and glasses by candle light. Lights, colors and flowers are the brushstrokes that a wedding planner uses to paint the set for a special event; making each wedding a unique day. And so it was for Sofia and Filippo; they had a unique experience that even today they like to define a 'dream', a Midsummer Night's Dream that magically became reality.

Sofia and Filippo got married in the Church of Misericordia, Portoferraio, Elba Island Sofia and Filippo got married in the Church of Misericordia, Portoferraio, Elba Island
Sofia and Filippo got marriedSofia and Filippo got married
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