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A glamorous wedding in the heart of Marciana Marina

On the wake of the colors and the shimmering lights of the sea

Have you ever wondered what is so special about the Elba Island that attracts couples from all over the world to solemnize their vows? All you have to do is let your eyes wander over the landscape in front of you to understand. What you see is a unique scenario; never the same. It is "alive" with hidden villages, pleasant seascapes, expanses of countryside, olive trees and vineyards, fields of poppies, fortresses, beaches and rocky shores where the sea pushes off into the horizon, a compelling theater of irresistible sunsets and much more ! "Open air postcards" that arouse sublime emotions in your soul, making this enchanting island a place able to win the hearts of even the most illustrious personalities in history, from art to literature and, in more recent times, the protagonists of the contemporary dolce vita. Elba makes you dream! That is why so many couples fall in love here, and here spend unforgettable holiday, preserving a memory that binds them indissolubly to this 'rock', whose magic is such that making the step toward "I do" is almost obligatory! That is how it was for Chiara and Angelo, who suffered from a kind of "Elba Stendhal Syndrome"! I met them in the summer of 2012. I was immediately struck by their love for one another, their seraphic serenity, and their strong attachment to this piece of land. A special place in their hearts is reserved for Marciana Marina, with its picturesque cove closed to the west by the ancient harbor dominated by a 12th century tower.

This charming marina is the VIP village of Elba Island, the popular vacation destination of politicians, scholars, nobility, royalty and, recently, of celebrities like Michelle Hunzicher, engaged to Francesco Trussardi, a frequent guest of the most exclusive summer rendezvous. What better setting for a fashionable wedding? This is how it was for Chiara and Angelo's wedding thanks also to the presence of some of Milan's (the couple's city of residence) finest from culture and fashion and Adriatic Coast (the bride's home) jet setters. The religious blessing was solemnized in the Church of Santa Chiara in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, while the reception with family and friends took place at the Capo Nord Restaurant nestled on La Fenicia beach. The sea, in all the shades of its colors, was the leitmotif of the event. Much spontaneity and graceful levity translated into improvised gags by friends and the bride and groom themselves. Locals and tourists still remember the wedding that animated the entire town.

Chiara arrived in a white car that brought her near the La Perla Caffè from where she walked toward the square on the arm of her father. Waiting for her in front of the church were her university classmates (nothing as formal as you might imagine); everyone dressed to the nines, in unison, complete with an elegant white fedora. Inside the church were her relatives, friends and, at the altar, a visibly moved Angelo. Chiara's entrance was a vision of refined elegance! Contouring her body was a white dress with Charleston style fringe. Framing her sweet and smiling face was a hairstyle as simple as her being. The setup focused on fabric swags tied off with ribbons and greenery; little bouquets of peonies and sprigs of blue and white hydrangeas completed the floral framework of all of this beauty.

At the end of the ceremony, Chiara and Angelo greeted their guests and hopped on a vintage Vespa to take a ride through the narrow streets of the village. After making a photo stop in the ancient characteristic village of "Cotone", they rode along the shoreline promenade to reach La Fenicia beach where they celebrated their love. Passers-by could not help but admire the romantic outdoor terrace with its white lanterns to "warm up the evening", the snowy white tulle drapes billowing in the soft sea breeze, shells and sand as a call to the sea. The table decorations recalled the marine world with candles in coral shapes, starfish and white hazelnut branches adorned with braids of hydrangeas and peonies, the names of island fish as escort cards. The sea was, in addition to their love, the true magic of the wedding. This fantastic aqueous mirror, shimmering and fugitive, played the most romantic notes of its repertoire along with an exceptional jazz duo that accompanied each stage of the event. There was the traditional cutting of the cake, the delivery of Jordan almonds and gifts to the guests, and an amazing party whose charming contagious rhythm delighted bride and groom and their guests until the dawn of the new day that Chiara and Angelo embraced as husband and wife.

Chiara and Angelo got married in the Church of Santa Chiara, Elba Island
Chiara and Angelo Newlyweds Chiara and Angelo Newlyweds
Chiara and her bouquet
Chiara and Angelo Newlyweds Candles for wedding reception
Wedding Favours
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