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Hopitality and travelling today are strictily connected. So when you choose a place as your getaway, you choose not only a place of beauty and magic but also a refuge where hospitality reigns. Elba is a destination that never disappoints the passion and enthusiasm of travel lovers, offering them infinite solutions that meet the needs of all. Many Italians and foreigners choose this "rock" not just as a paradise for romantic vacations or relaxation and sport, but also as a place to celebrate life's important events.

Choose Elba Island unique scenery! From glimpses of picturesque boroughs to crystal-clear waters where to bath under a sunny sky during the day or beneath the starry vault of heaven at night. From the rich vegetation of the landscape to the soft rolling expanses of vineyards and orchads in the countryside. You can dream of seaside wedding banquets accompanied by the slow flow of the waves breaking on the shore, country banquets set among the scents of the Mediterranean nature, elegant poolside buffets with soft background music, or night parties surrounded by lanterns and lights, perhaps on a lovely terrace overlooking the wild coast. And in all dreams you can always count on our staff courtesy and professionalism.

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