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Town squares

In Italy the word "piazza" means something more than a feature of building environment. The "piazza" is like a "salotto", an "open air living room" where everybody in town is welcomed, the perfect setting of everyday social interaction where traditionally Italian citizens have always gathered after work to talk politics or sports, catch up on gossip, sit and have a coffee, or just show up.

The idea of "piazza" was introduced in the Middle Ages as an open public space surrounded by buildings. The shape, location and the style of this piazza followed historically the urban development of the town. It was designed to be the center of religious (Cathedral square), civic (City hall square) or commercial (market square) life of Italian citizens. The role of the piazza has not changed in time, though today piazze tend also to host large public venues for cultural events, festivals and celebrations.

So why not weddings? On Elba Island there are many beautiful "piazze". For example, ancient Piazza Sant Ilario in the village of the same name set on Campo nell'Elba mountains, or elegant Piazza Santa Chiara in the seaside village of Marciana Marina and beautiful Piazza del Poggio in Marciana moutain village. Usually local authorities tend to give couples permission to get marry on their "piazze". So if there are the necessary conditions, they will be happy to give you the "keys of the heart" to turn their "piazza" in a place of joy and celebration.

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